Monday, March 24, 2008

The Democratization of Terrorism

So...the general populace has figured out how to shoot video (and create blogs, of course), most of which falls into the mediocre category, and a few things that are quite good. We've democratized production, and pretty soon, the ante will be upped even more on creative, not to mention that fact that a lot of big agencies will be scrambling to figure out how to preserve their value proposition to clients, and ultimately, consumers.

But getting back to the point, now it appears that Al Qaeda has figured out the production process and is turning out some hi-fi work. Not to mention the fact that they're utilizing the various new media channels to their advantage. This is where the counter-intelligence game can get really interesting.

Look, we're all entitled to our opinions, but if these guys are sending us all this disturbing, albeit well-manicured, messaging, well, maybe this time we should listen and avoid another 911 tragedy (among many others). 

We should also be turning our efforts towards "counter-production" tactics.  Instead of recruiting new media talent into agency conglomerates that are more concerned with proliferating useless marketing vernacular and pretending to wield their lofty "integrated strategies", we should send these young mavericks over to the CIA, and inspire some real change. OR, agencies should consider working with our government.

Either way, the power of media is calling us out to rise to the challenge. Maybe we can one-up these bastards by shelling out some wit, as opposed to dispensing mortar shells. 

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