Saturday, February 28, 2009

Video Microblogging: Social Currency of Our Immediate Future?

A colleague of mine apprised me of an app called BubbleTweet, which allows you to create and post a video on your Twitter page, the idea being that you can make a personalized introduction to fellow Tweeters. I'm actually going to be creating my video this weekend, and it got me thinking about the possibilities.

There's been a lot of debate within the ad community about the effect that microblogging tools like Twitter will have on brand marketing -  pundits on both sides have very valid things to say. The folks at BubbleTweet have a disclaimer that basically says that the videos uploaded onto the app should not be used for "commercial use", which is an interesting statement when you consider that nowadays, there are a few ways to slice that orange. To boot, when you look at the videos from the BubbleTweeter community, you notice that many of them are used to promote articles or books they've written, as well as events and other TweetUps. 

So, what does this mean for the immediate future? Probably a few different things.

- Brand marketers who have Twitter pages will have a field day introducing new product launches or releases; the content doesn't have to be "commercial", it can come directly from an "ambassador".

- Brand advocates (or detractors) can now illustrate their affinities for a brand or product, utilizing creative ways to show placement, i.e. real world experiences.

- The viral aspects are potentially incredible; if you can integrate players like YouTube or Vimeo, think about all the ways you can optimize and syndicate that content through search, as well as provide access to fields of other relevant content.

- Messaging takes on a whole new perspective; it is likely going to be more didactic in the sense that brands can then instruct people on the uses of product or services, and then elicit the same type of video responses in their consumer feedback loops.

- Video content itself will embrace the newer, more experimental "shorter burst" medium, in which :05 second or less "interval" spots will be used to build longer storylines (think of :30 theater on TiVo - BBDO's invention a couple of years back).

I could go on and on...this is sure to shake things up. I'd love to hear what other folks think about this.

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