Thursday, June 4, 2009

SMADHD (Social Media Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) A.K.A. "The Hyper Tweeter"

Ok, so I have become somewhat of a social media junkie; I constantly update my Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed accounts and always look forward to seeing if I've connected with new followers. It's kinda like crack - I've never actually smoked crack, but I get the feeling that the jonesing process is somewhat similar. 

Despite this, I also find myself looping in and out of reality. Fact is, I'm not really interested in giving people the up-to-the-minute, play-by-play of my every move. 

"Hey - taking a sh-- in Rockefeller Plaza."
"Scratching my nuts in Central Park."
"Receiving an award and shaking some important person's hand."
"Surfing at third point - oh, sh-- just dropped my iPhone in the water."

These types of correspondence (if you can actually label them as such), are really where microblogging has taken on a highly narcissistic front. Worse, if people aren't expressing the need to be into themselves, they are expressing the need to be wired... all day, all night, and at all times.

Welcome to the phenomenon known as SMADHD, or "Social Media Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder", or, what some have come to know or be as a "Hyper Tweeter". Just when you thought humping like a siwwy waaahbbit was bad, now those like the carnally unskilled are transferring a bad habit into their PDAs and anything else they "input" on. 

Granted, we live at a time where technology is moving at a clip far faster than us mortals can keep pace with, but we really do need to be more grounded in reality. I mean, isn't the whole point of connecting digitally intended to get us people developing stronger relationships in the physical world?

Here are some ideas for shaking the habit:

- Form a local "Tweeters Anonymous" group - and no, you can't do this via a tweet-up.

- Spend some time outside; maybe walk a little more, get to know your dog, and make sure both hands are being utilized as to stave off the urge to thumb the 'ole keypad.

- Try a phone call, or perhaps even an in-person exchange, before deferring to the screen.

- Spend some more time, quality time, with yourself; no talking allowed or gazing into the mirror.

- Help the underprivileged; chances are they don't have any devices, just a fundamental need to be loved and accepted.

- Read a lot more - real books are preferred, but if you must use your Kindle, well, I guess we can make an exception.

Good luck, and if you need to talk to someone just call 1-800-NO-TWEET - counselors are standing by...

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