Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Thoughts on Data Visualization

Ahh, the semantic web. Artificial intelligence – a seemingly oxymoronic term in its own right - sheds its artifice. Neon representations of thoughts and feelings reveal a true character of sorts. Us.

What will become of us? What forms will we take on? Why will we take them on?

Live our minds, be our word. If we can’t be omnipresent (at least physically), we can be omnilingual (just ask H. Beam Piper). Add pictures to the words and the sentiment becomes more real.

The spiritual self was quiet... Until now. Emotion is loud. We’ve always known this. But the spirit has its own voice in being visual.

We can replace numbers, or at least color them, with symbols. Quantifiable measures incite fear. They impose expectation. Symbols can assuage.

There is sound in silence. It’s strange to listen to your own mind, especially when you defeat the noise.

The power is in being. Simply say “I am”, and you are. Call yourself into existence.

Remember this: when the lights go out and the screens switch off, what will you envision in your own mind?

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