Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Theories Behind Connectivity - On Creativity & Marketing

On creativity...

Ideas cannot be broken down into silos, only people can. When people look beyond themselves, ideas happen.

You don't have to be artistic to be creative, or creative to be artistic.

You just have to be open to new ideas.

On marketing...

Do not confuse "belief" with "advocacy" or "evangelism". There is nothing to "get", only something to share.

So, if I believe in something, I don't need to advocate or evangelize it. I'll just share it, rather than be assumptive.

And if you so choose, you can then advocate or evangelize it.

Online ratings systems, discussion forums and blogs are the forms of social media consumers believe are the most valuable sources of information. Trusted sources also included family and friends, word-of-mouth and Consumer Reports. (Society for New Communications Research, 2008). More than two-thirds (68%) of online Americans say they visit online blogs, communities or social networks. 47% of all respondents say that blogs, communities and social networks have influenced their decision to purchase particular brands or services to at least some extent. (Insight Report from MarketTools, September 2008).

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laurent said...

"if I believe in something...I just share it"
as the chinese proverb says:
I hear and I forget (evangelizing), I see and I remember (showing is better) I do and I understand.
In general when we believe in something, we walk the talk (often don't even talk much unless we're asked to). People watch us and intrigued wonder 'what's all this passion about'. They want to know and thus are more able to learn ;-)