Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Ubiquitous Web

These are exciting times in the world of digital (and all media for that matter). I personally believe we're still in the nascent stages of what is considered "Web 2.0", but I thought it might be helpful to summarize this transition towards "The Ubiquitous Web".

WEB 1.0 - reading & writing (static) "push" The Informational Web

WEB 2.0 - reading, writing & publishing (dynamic) "pull" The Influential Web

WEB 3.0 - reading, writing, publishing & manufacturing (transformational) "instantaneous" 
The Ubiquitous Web

Web destinations are steadily giving way to web applications. This does not mean that portals or other types of destination sites will go away entirely, but they will literally act as portals, or pass-through environments. Not only will functionality be a byproduct of user customization, but the components of those environments will be dynamic and modular in such a way that their use will become almost entirely transitory. 

Destinations represent the "static" that has become the world wide web. To boot, there are billions of choices out there. 

But what if we didn't have to choose anything? What of we could just be, whatever we wanted, wherever we wanted, at any given time?

Applications are providing the gateways for this shift into ubiquity.

In the not-so-distant future, people will create and promote their own products, using resources licensed from the brand and distribution tools given to them by their peers. As such, brands will always carry the value of their legacy. But the products they represent will constantly be changed and redefined.

Behold the present and embrace the future...

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