Monday, August 31, 2009

Bing this...

With all the talk circulating around what Bing actually is – ‘decision engine’, ‘real-time search platform’, ‘content filter’, etc. etc. - you have to love it when the brand can be presented in the form of a soda can. Seltzer, to be exact.

It gets you thinking about how promotional products can solve the brand problem. You just...well... Drink it in. Imagine a dialogue between two people who could care less about the deeper meaning of some random technology engine:

“Cool name. What the heck is it?”

“Beats me, but I like the bubbles.”

“Yeah, the bubbles are cool. Although it doesn’t have any taste.”

“Yeah, but it’s all natural and fat free. And no carbs.”

“Maybe I can lose a few pounds drinkin’ this stuff.”


“Hey – I think I’ve seen a commercial for these guys. They didn’t mention anything about soda...”

“It’s not soda, knucklehead, it’s sparkling water.”

“Sparkles... Right. I still don’t get the commercials though.”

“Who cares about commercials?”

“Good point. I get most of my entertainment these days online.”


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