Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inside the Frenetic Social Mind: Creative Technology Development

In the ongoing effort to tie commerce with common interest, creative technology development demands the navigation of an often paralyzing conflict: the balance between sensibility and unpredictability.

From a logistics or methodological standpoint, those of us who choose this path must blend UX with UI and AI and any other fairly useless designations I can’t think of at the moment.

From a business standpoint, elements of the supply chain rear their ugly head. Then scalability bellows into the left ear, for the right brain to somehow process.

From a cultural standpoint, identifying and assuming behavioral patterns are fleeting. It’s easy to miss the important details, such as a purchaser’s bluff.

All the for the pursuit of profit. But to whose gain? Ours?

Then all the color, the lines, the interconnectivity reveal themselves in a conflagration of possibility. We then resign ourselves to the notion that it doesn’t matter what comes of the creation, just that we’ve created it and it stands for something. Or anything.

Match up our thoughts. Bid on our feelings. Sell pieces of ourselves. And if we ascribe a higher purpose to it all, then the meaning can’t get lost.

Or will it anyway?

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